Next Global change due to take place – One humanity ONE GLOBAL COUNTRY.

MOGICDADE is to accelerate the next global change due to take place in political system towards one humanity one global country, in a peaceful manner by way of spreading the awareness on one global country so as to bring this issue in the domain and discussion of public, scholars, researchers, reformers, international organizations and international forums of the world.

Individual conflicts can not be stopped but wars between countries which causes massive destructions of lives and resources, can be eradicated by human understanding and efforts. MOGICDADE is an effort to develop and spread that understanding. If you like this effort you can support this initiative by sharing this page on your web/social media pages.

We have done enough bloodshed, we have taken enough innocent lives, we have wasted enough money and resources fighting with each other due to conflicting interest resulted by the divided Countries. With evolvement of human intelligence, world community will realize and reject the rationality behind the state sponsored wars causing mass murder of innocent lives and wastage of money and resources on maintaining military, arms and ammunitions. The state sponsored wars can not be stopped in real sense with existing division of countries because many conflicting interests are inherent with existence of divided Countries. This is the main reason why many steps being taken on the global issues viz. climate changes, global warming, prevention of wars, Non proliferation of Nuclear weapons etc are not really working effectively. Apart from the humanitarian and economic grounds to stop the conflicts and wars between the countries, the climate changes taking place alone will force the word community to review the whole system and redefine the concept of development and wellbeing and explore the real tools towards the sustainable development and wellbeing. This is evolutionary process and one global country is not going to take place overnight. The human understanding evolves itself through experiments and mistakes and this is a slow process. But, those who can foresee the future, they know that future of humanity lies in one global country. Those who can see the journey of human understanding evolving through ages can also see the journey of intellect and rationality shaping the human understanding and they know that the time has come when the issue like one global country should come in the public domain. The benefits and relevancy  of one global country will be tested over the period of time and only after going through many tests it will become a reality. 


From seperate to inclusive, privileged to rational and local to universal is evolutionary process of human consciousness. Human race has witnessed this evolution through the ages reshaping and redefining the goals of human pursuit. This evolution visibly reflects in every dimensions of human activity over the period of time.

The political system, which deeply influence the human life has also witnessed and undergone this evolution. From small barbaric gangs fighting with each others > estates/umpires fighting for their imperial pursuits and pride > modern democratic countries protecting and promoting human pursuits within the boundary of nation.

On one hand modern democratic countries are protecting and promoting human pursuits, on the other hand, with development of science and technology and with development of human ability to explore and utilize the natural resources, present countries are equally equipped with the capabilities of making such mass destructions that was never possible earlier, in the event of war. Now, the world countries are spending their huge resources in maintaining military, arms & ammunitions which instead can be utilised for betterment of human lives. There is also race in world countries for developing weapons of mass destruction like nuclear and chemical weapons which are dangers for human existence. With increasing science and technology, the future wars are expected to be more destructive and fatal.

Moreover, due to conflicting interests, countries are more engaged in protecting their economic and strategic interests and security concerns. Although there may not be the full fledged wars but now the world countries are undergoing through a new type covert conflicts. On evaluating these covert conflicts on the broad scale of peace and development, one will not find it less harmful than full fledged wars, the only difference may be seen that this works like slow poison. Such situations of covert conflicts do not rule out the possibility of full fledged wars in future.

Now, due to increase of environmental unfriendly activities of human race, the planet is also witnessing the climatic changes, the most dangerous change for the existence of life on the planet. There is lack of united and concerted efforts to develop effective research to assess, to find out effective remedies and to take preventive measures to address the threats arising due to climatic changes which are subtle and slow in nature but are most detrimental for humanity. These changes are so subtle and slow in nature that they do not grossly alarm the human attention. But these changes are the most detrimental threats, ever faced by the humanity. Now, there are sufficient indications of changing climate on every part of the globe. For many one this may still not seem such a big issue but for them who can interpret the language of nature, these changes are alarming as it can not be controlled after a certain stage. Therefore, there is urgent need of finding and taking the effective remedial measures to stop the climatic changes. This cant not be effectively done until all the countries unite and unified efforts are made to deeply examine all the aspects of changing climate and corrective measures are taken on the whole planet uniformly.

Necessity is the mother of invention. As I can foresee, the humanity will be forced to unite for the sake of their own survival and a major change and evolution due to happen in the political system in 3rd Millennium is – Integration of world countries in to ONE GLOBAL COUNTRY. This evolution will take place in this Millennium only may be in early centuries or in later centuries.

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